Participate in Acts 5:39

Where the rubber meets the road...

Thank you so much for praying and considering volunteering at Acts 5:39.  We are always in need of volunteers. There are many areas in which one can volunteer. Please consider helping us in one of more of the following areas:

Homework Help – We need people to come in and help students with their homework, in various subjects and nearly every grade level. We would like to see our students get the help they need, so that they can have the best possible chances at obtaining further education after high school.

Food Preparation – We need people to help prepare our snacks and meals. This would include cooking, purchasing food, bringing in already cooked meals, distributing food, and cleaning the kitchen.

Recreation – It is our desire that our kids get exercise and learn how to play games of all kinds, from sports, to board games, to video games etc... We want to provide fun activities that our students will enjoy. We need folks who love fun, and know how to have a great time...

Arts and Crafts  We need people to help plan, organize, and instruct in the arts. We believe that artistic expression can help us learn about our kids, and help our kids learn about God. So whether you sing, play an instrument, dance, act, paint, write or make stuff with your hands, we want you to help our kids do the same!

Cleaning  Yes!!! Nobody likes to clean... but we need help to keep our facilities clean. Our students will benefit from being in a safe, clean and non-cluttered environment.

Administrative – We will need people to help us sign students in and out, and make sure that the proper paperwork is filled out on each student. In addition to this, we can always use help with filing, editing, mail outs, etc...

Fundraisers – We are starting to raise the needed funds to operate and would love to have volunteers help us in this area. We currently are making small crafts to sell.  We hope to have our children, their families and volunteers help us in these endeavors.